Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Organisation Building Concepts

“Leaders & Ladders” has some take away for all people who are working in a leadership positions, may be as head of the unit or as an entrepreneur, irrespective of their age or role.

It has offered some very good concept for growth strategies for building entrepreneur having business at a very nascent stage. In addition it describes various important people development and efficiency development concepts to make those strategies successful.

Emphasis has been given to “placing right people at the right level” and developing leaders within the organisation through the concept of "leadership factory”. These leaders/people are instrumental in successful implementation of any idea, strategy and objectives conceived by the entrepreneur for the business.

Various people development concepts and efficiency development concepts are important to all, be it a leader or an entrepreneur or a manger. Have you lost your drive to grow or you feel you have reached your level of incompetence which is hampering your further growth. This book has answers to all these.

So leave all your stress aside and look for your ladder in the book.

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