Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Growth of Business / Organisation

“One person makes the difference”. This is the premise of the book. The various ladders suggested in the book show the path towards becoming that “One Person” who can create a big , successful and growth oriented organisation.

What helps an entrepreneur fulfil his dream or a leader grow to higher positions is explained in easy-to-understand words. This book helps you in identifying your limitations which impede your growth and helps to fulfil the gaps between role, expectations and performance.

This book has something for everyone; all leaders and all entrepreneurs, irrespective of the age of the entrepreneur or size of the organization. Different concerns pertaining to one’s own self or the people in the organisation are addressed through various concepts like people development, efficiency development, growth etc. How fear and courage impact one’s growth and how a balance between them is required for growth, provides a different insight which will make you think.

Organisation Building Concepts

“Leaders & Ladders” has some take away for all people who are working in a leadership positions, may be as head of the unit or as an entrepreneur, irrespective of their age or role.

It has offered some very good concept for growth strategies for building entrepreneur having business at a very nascent stage. In addition it describes various important people development and efficiency development concepts to make those strategies successful.

Emphasis has been given to “placing right people at the right level” and developing leaders within the organisation through the concept of "leadership factory”. These leaders/people are instrumental in successful implementation of any idea, strategy and objectives conceived by the entrepreneur for the business.

Various people development concepts and efficiency development concepts are important to all, be it a leader or an entrepreneur or a manger. Have you lost your drive to grow or you feel you have reached your level of incompetence which is hampering your further growth. This book has answers to all these.

So leave all your stress aside and look for your ladder in the book.

Entrepreneur And Organisation

This Book “Leaders & Ladders” is an essential read for new /existing entrepreneur who have ventured into a business activity and dream to grow into big organisations. This is also useful for managers looking for bigger leadership roles in future. The author, based on the rich experience acquired during his own journey of similar nature, has given tips about entrepreneurship and leadership in a very simple and lucid manner.

As the name suggests the book is about various ladders a leader has to climb before becoming a successful entrepreneur. How to increase the productivity and efficiency of an organisation, which primarily depends on the skills and traits of the people working there, has been explained through organisation development and people development concepts.

Distinguishing between leaders and entrepreneur through their risk taking capacity, extraordinary growth and success is attributed to the very important trait of an entrepreneur which is “Courage”

The book starts with the premise that “ one person makes the difference “ to any organisation. If you aspire to  be that “one person” than you will have to read and absorb the book completely.

The importance of processes and use of technology cannot be overlooked as they form the basic pillar of building an organisation. Planning, reviews ,growth strategies and use of technology and many more concepts falls under this category.

A very important chapter on “entrepreneur and organisation” addressing  the concerns of an entrepreneur after achieving success at a senior age has also been included which deals with work life balance, succession, legacy and wealth management and others.

Simple day to day concepts which are perhaps known and yet at times ignored like doing things right at the first , systematic working etc gives points to ponder to one and all.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Emphasis on Growth of Business/ Organisation and Efficiency / Productivity Related Concepts

"Leaders & Ladders" talks about simple concepts of day to day working as well as long term which helps in organisation's  growth. The book is talking mainly about the "people" who drive the organisation.

The need of leaders in various positions and ensuring their high efficiency and productivity is must. Besides describing special characteristics of an entrepreneur, the traits and qualities of leaders are emphasised.

Chapter on balancing courage and fear for growth is very unique and provides a new realisation and perspective. The last chapter on entrepreneur and organisation gives lots of very important insights specially the senior entrepreneur who have travelled their journey of success.

Importance of People Development Concepts

"Leader & Ladders" addresses issues of importance to entrepreneurs, leaders and people in management roles for their day to day as well as long term working.The main emphasis is on the human resource which drives the organisation towards its goals. Besides degree, it talks about the various traits, skills and capabilities required in the people for growth.

Starting from the need of people and the concept of delegation, it gives tips about recruitment of right people followed by importance of their absorption and retention. Maintaining the quality of human assets through training, motivation, growth opportunities, reviews etc is must to maintain high efficiency and productivity of the organisation.

As the human resource is the key to the success maintaining its efficiency becomes equally important and so author talks of stress management, discipline, knowledge and other people development concepts.