Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Growth of Business / Organisation

“One person makes the difference”. This is the premise of the book. The various ladders suggested in the book show the path towards becoming that “One Person” who can create a big , successful and growth oriented organisation.

What helps an entrepreneur fulfil his dream or a leader grow to higher positions is explained in easy-to-understand words. This book helps you in identifying your limitations which impede your growth and helps to fulfil the gaps between role, expectations and performance.

This book has something for everyone; all leaders and all entrepreneurs, irrespective of the age of the entrepreneur or size of the organization. Different concerns pertaining to one’s own self or the people in the organisation are addressed through various concepts like people development, efficiency development, growth etc. How fear and courage impact one’s growth and how a balance between them is required for growth, provides a different insight which will make you think.

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