Saturday, 7 May 2016

Leaders & Ladders : Successful Organisation Building

The book “Leaders & Ladders” is based on my experiences during the journey of building a successful organisation. Readers will be able to relate to many situations and concepts explained in the book as their own experiences. The concepts such as “special traits of people” discuss various types of traits exhibited by individual leaders. It also explains how to deal with them to get the best results. We come across various people having different traits in every day working but often fail to notice or choose to ignore them instead of doing a proper analysis of their traits for effective dealing.

Leaders & Ladders
Seemingly inconsequential yet important habits can make a difference to one’s efficiency and that of the organisation. Doing things right at the first instance, systematic working, importance of home work and maintaining a time summary are few such concept. I believe these will be very useful for the growth of an individual as well as the organisation.