Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Importance of People Development Concepts

"Leader & Ladders" addresses issues of importance to entrepreneurs, leaders and people in management roles for their day to day as well as long term working.The main emphasis is on the human resource which drives the organisation towards its goals. Besides degree, it talks about the various traits, skills and capabilities required in the people for growth.

Starting from the need of people and the concept of delegation, it gives tips about recruitment of right people followed by importance of their absorption and retention. Maintaining the quality of human assets through training, motivation, growth opportunities, reviews etc is must to maintain high efficiency and productivity of the organisation.

As the human resource is the key to the success maintaining its efficiency becomes equally important and so author talks of stress management, discipline, knowledge and other people development concepts.

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  1. I am finding this book interesting, particularly about SPECIAL TRAITS PEOPLE.